Here are the Seven Delicious Colombian Snacks and Where to Try them

Colombians love a good snack: the country is full of local bakeries selling all sorts of traditional breads, cakes, sweets, and other mouthwatering snacks perfect for a quick bite between meals. Colombians are so fond of snacks that you will find that most small towns and regions have their own traditional snack that you can try. There’s no space to list all of them, so here are 15 of Colombia’s most delicious snacks.


The humble empanada is a staple snack throughout Latin America, and it’s no different in Colombia where you can find all types of empanadas for sale everywhere from street snack carts to up-market bakeries. The best-of-the-best are the delicious Empanadas de Pipian with spicy peanut sauce in Popayan.


Salpicon de Frutas

The Salpicon de Frutas is another universally popular Colombian snack, one which you often see on the street or being sold at markets. It’s basically a giant fruit salad served in a glass of fruit juice, often adorned with condensed milk. It’s relatively healthy and certainly delicious.


The Colombian classic snack: arepas are basically corn cakes served with a variety of different fillings, toppings, and sides. Each region has its own distinctive take on the arepa, but the most popular are Arepas de Choclo, Arepas with cheese, and the Egg Arepa from the Caribbean coast.

Arepas being prepared on the street.

Plantain chips

This snack is fairly self-explanatory – chips (or crisps) made from plantain. You can buy packets from popular brands throughout the country, and you often see people coming onto buses to sell homemade plantain chips as well.


A universally popular Colombian bread made of corn flour, cassava starch, cheese, eggs and, occasionally, guava paste, the Pandebono can be found in just about every bakery in Colombia and is a classic breakfast snack, best enjoyed with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Pandebono and bunuelos


The iconic orange wrapper of a Chocoramo is one of the most recognizable things to any Colombian – the tasty chocolate sponge cake is a staple Colombian sweet snack, and can be seen for sale in every supermarket and street-stall in the country! They’re cheap, tasty, and easy to get hold of: the perfect snack!


Another hugely popular cheesy bread snack, the bunuelo is a tasty, fried ball of white cheese and flour which is traditionally eaten by Colombians as a Christmas snack. However, that doesn’t mean they’re hard to get hold of any other time of the year: you can pick up a few bunuelos at just about any bakery.

It just isn’t a Colombian Christmas meal without bunuelos.

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